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The Minor Arcana


The Minor Arcana


The Minor Arcana


The Minor Arcana



Illustrated and designed by TARYN SHRIGLEY 


My name is Taryn Shrigley and I am a Visionary Artist and Druid of 25 years, more recently becoming an Awennydd of the Anglesey Druid Order. I have been reading Tarot cards for over 40 years and have long held the wish to design and illustrate my own deck based around my deep interest in Native British Spirituality and my love of birds. As the years have gone by and as my knowledge and connections have increased, I now feel ready to create the DRUID BIRD TAROT..


In ancient times Druids were believed to use birds as an 'Augury' or form of divination by observing their behaviour and calls. Different birds were assigned symbolism and meaning. I am also inspired by the Welsh tales of the 'Mabinogion' and 'Hanes Taliesin', where Gods and Goddesses and the magical properties of birds are often spoken of.


I am mixing all of these rich ingredients together in my Cauldron of Creativity to sing the Awen of my DRUID BIRD TAROT.


My aim is to showcase each card as it is born here on this site and follow the journey as the deck comes to completion.

I hope you'll join me for the ride!


My plan is to finish the illustrations for the deck by the close of 2017 in readiness for publication.

Welcome to the DRUID BIRD TAROT

Please click on each symbol which will take you to the different card illustrations of the deck